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Quality, delivery and communication.

We set clear expectations, providing laser focus to meet delivery and quality commitments. Our service levels are guaranteed. And with our Offshore Services Program, your company will enjoy the high quality, short lead-time, and JIT delivery of a first-rate U.S. supplier with the cost saving benefits of low-cost offshore sources like China, India, and Vietnam. 


Dependability and swift action.

Bumps in the road happen. When they do, we’ll be at your facility (often the next day) faster than you can say, “Houston, we have…” Our experts troubleshoot, proactively communicating every step of the way – from diagnosing the problem and outlining the solution to keeping you apprised of our progress and following up to ensure satisfaction.


Sticklers for details.

You can’t deliver unless we deliver. Our OTD and quality assurance metrics are continuously monitored and fine-tuned.


Claims are easy to make. Actions are the real integrity and service litmus test.

One client experienced it first-hand. After a devastating foundry fire halted production on a key component, we took action immediately. We moved patterns and production to a backup foundry where we worked alongside the foundryman to ensure this complex part poured properly. We provided a worry-free manufacturing transition, minimizing our customer’s production disruption.

That kind of rapid, seamless response can only happen with obsessive customer care. Without it, service (our credibility, and yours) is nothing. Call us today to boost your customer loyalty and competitive edge.

"It’s not good enough to just deliver quality products, on time and at a competitive price — it’s about doing all that and providing proactive and responsive customer service!”     


Paul Huffman

Dom-Met Founder and Chairman



“Quality issues happen. When they do, a Dom-Met casting expert is typically at my facility the next day working to understand and resolve the problem.”

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